Seven Waters - Ein Film von Eberhard Spreng

Synopsis I Synopsis II

Whisky distillers on the Inner Hebrides island of Islay are always searching for the subtle balance of flavours that makes their whiskies unique. The special peaty water and the salty sea breeze have made their whisky famous throughout the world. The isolated island on the fringe of Europe could be taken to be the symbol of forlornness - an idyllic spot without contact to the present times - but in fact Islay has become a globally coveted brand name. The unique genius loci and the old production methods do not contradict the global demand. A rare felicitous harmony of traditional manufacture and modern methods that are anchored together in the tradition of the Scottish cult drink, without which neither baptism nor funeral would be conceivable on Islay. The first story of the "water of life" is subtitled "Delectatio".

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