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The Director

Eberhard Spreng started making Super 8 films at the age of 16.

He studied at the Free University of Berlin where he participated in film, television and radio workshops at the Institute for Journalism. Since then he has been working as a freelance culture journalist and author mainly in Berlin and in Paris for numerous media in Germany, France and Switzerland. He has been travelling increasingly in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East and has made radio features in Beirut, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo and Tunis.

He has also been working in France as dramatic adviser and assistant director and has translated numerous plays by authors including Georg Büchner, Bertolt Brecht and Friedrich Schiller.

For a few years he has been doing film work again as independent author and cinematographer (Tout doit disparaître, 2009). On the run from Destiny (2017).

Seven Waters (2016) was his first feature-length documentary film.

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