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5 - Tractors on the Beach - Bellum

Who owns the beach? In Pirou, on the French side of the English Channel, a territorial struggle has broken out between work and leisure, production and consumption. Traditionally the small fishermen haul their boats onto the beach by tractor and set off from there to fish. Now this space is to be taken from them. Like everywhere else in the world, tourists want to take over this practically very last fisherman's beach in Europe. Whilst further out the industrial fishery boats scoop spawning fish from the sea by the ton, the small fishermen have to fight for access to the water. But in the face of all this the sea continues to claim its victims as ever and a lifeboatman experiences a personal tragedy in the turbulent seas. Water is life - but water is also death.
The story of the Tractors on the Beach bears the subtitle "Bellum".
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