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2 - The Last of the Mohicans - Industria

Generally, however, it is hard to imagine globalisation without industrialisation, which means being forced to grow, innovate and rationalise... the road to conformity. One person who defies this general rule with charming perseverance manufactures hand water pumps in Avignon, in the south of France, defying global competition. Using ancient semi-automatic lathes rumoured to have been used to manufacture shells during the American Civil War, he produces items without which no garden enthusiast could reach the groundwater that is indispensable to life. Gérard Bouteiller's enterprise was able to downsize without going under because he managed to steer clear of bank loans. One suspects that by continuing with the current financial system Europe will not be able to fulfill its future tasks. And something else that can be found only in the ancient papal city: until ten years ago the pump factory was housed in a 13th century chapel, the "Chapelle du Miracle". In deindustrialised France, "Industria" tells the tale of a one-time industrial wonderland and its Last of the Mohicans.
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