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7 - Storm Child - Necessitas

The storm child was just two weeks old when a cloudburst devastated the northern Spanish town of Cadaqués. Now, at 92 years of age, Firmo Ferrer remembers how the village at the foot of steep mountains has protected its olive groves for centuries against the ravages of torrential rains. And how olive oil saved its inhabitants from starvation in the post-war years. If they had not worked their fingers to the bone to build their terraces, what little soil there is would have long been washed away into the sea. In Firmo Ferrer's life, this work for which there can never be a business model is just a necessity.
"Necessitas" is the title of the story of the Storm Child. It is a story of the transformation of water into oil, just as the first story is one of the transformation of masses of water into the precious "water of life".
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